Summer so far…

The past two months at Gruff have been very busy! We have hosted many school visits including our largest of 47 children! We have loved inspiring the next generation of the importance of animals, British farming and the countryside. Don’t forget we can hold school trips throughout the year thanks to the trusty log burner in our cosy Gruff shed.

May and June have been months of growth here at Gruff, we’ve been planting seeds and making scarecrows to protect Farmer John’s precious crops (which are now ripe, juicy and for sale on the farm). Another of our themes was rain and the importance of rain to farmers (especially Farmer John!). We placed blobs of paint on to a sheet of paper and the children loved spraying them with water in order to create a colourful rain effect. On goat week we brought out Maris the pygmy goat for the children to see and they really enjoyed feeding him his favourite apple leaves. In these months of growth we have had many new arrivals on the farm, one of our other pygmy goats, Amber, has given birth to a baby boy who we’ve named Geezer, he loves playing in the summer sun! We have also hatched six ducklings and our Shetland sheep has given birth to a little lamb we’ve named Badger! Come along and meet our new arrivals we’d love to see you at Gruff!

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