Farewell 2020!

2021 has arrived but sadly the uncertainties around Covid 19 haven’t really eased. There are elements of hope – the vaccine and the spring bulbs are appearing in the garden. We have made a plan for 2021 in the hope that we will soon be able to open our doors.

Lockdown for the third time accompanied lockdown for our chickens too, for them the threat is that of Avian bird flu in England once again. We moved them all indoors, finding them a large space at one end of the hay shed. They seem comfortable in their new surroundings, with repurposed cardboard boxes for nesting and pallets for perches. Considering the cold weather they look cosy and happy and recently confirmed this by laying more of the best eggs ever!

Christmas at Gruff was certainly quiet in comparison to usual. We were unable to run our Christmas wreath making workshops and our mini farmer Christmas special. At times like this we have to be prepared to adapt and develop new ideas which led to the creation of the Gruff Christmas craft box – a little part of Gruff Christmas in a box!  This new idea was well received and we are building on this concept, so look out for our next craft/activity box coming soon!!

Farmer John produced lots of lovely Christmas wreaths, selling them from the farm gate in his new upcycled horse box which looked magnificent full of handcrafted Christmas decorations, for sale alongside vegetables and Messuage farm apple juice and sparkling with warm, Christmas lights. Our farm was decorated with Christmas lights more than ever this year, we hoped that it would put a smile on the faces of passers by.

Here’s hoping that we will see you all very soon. Take care.

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