It’s a strange world!

February 2020 saw the start of a new term of Mini Farmers after our winter break, little did we know that at this point in time we would be closed again before the end of the first term! Covid-19 has brought about huge changes for everyone, here at Gruff we decided to continue our weekly stories, crafts and farm/countryside themes through our Facebook page. I had to combat my fears of being filmed! We are now 10 weeks in to lockdown and we hope we are providing you with a little bit of fun during these difficult times. Our animals are such a huge comfort to us and I’ve realised just how much I love having them in my life. We sadly said goodbye to one of my loveliest friends Maris, the very special pygmy goat who was a huge part of Gruff, we will miss him immensely and we know the Mini Farmers will do too. We have been cheered up by the arrival of the cutest baby kid goats, two baby pygmy goats and ten baby Boer goats including two lots of triplets! The beautiful weather has enabled us all to be outside where possible and take time to appreciate the amazing natural world around us. We have heard a cuckoo, watched barn owls and spotted peacock butterfly caterpillars. We must continue to love and protect this even when life returns to normality. We look forward to a time when we can finally see all our Gruff friends again! Stay safe.