Spring has arrived!

Our first term of 2019 Mini Farmers has come to an end. We have been observing the emergence of spring on our farm, our themes have included hedges, nests, eggs and chicks and this last week we were able to see  baby bantam chicks that had hatched during the week, tiny little bundles of fluff, full of life, strength and determination as they tried to jump out of the box! Mother hen has done an amazing job of hatching all of her seven eggs.

We introduced two new friends to our farm – Daniella and Shona the ducks along with their mate Mr duck who is lodging with us for a while, they are great fun to watch rooting for slugs and worms, they are real characters with their cheerful quacking and wiggling of their tails. We are keeping our fingers crossed that maybe we will have some ducklings hatching under a broody hen very soon!

At the end of last year Farmer John bought in a new billy pygmy goat, Bob has proved to be a real entertainer, he loves to head butt his space hopper and spring around his pasture, it is as if he waits until he gets a crowd to perform to, he is a little guy with a big personality!

The first tulips in our field are being picked for sale and in order to celebrate these beautiful blooms we are holding two Spring Tulip Floristry workshops this month on the evenings of the 23rd and25th April, come and join us for a creative fun evening, you will take home a wonderful tulip arrangement that you have created too. Tickets for this event can be purchased here on our website.

There is nothing more lovely than spring in the countryside…enjoy!