Recycled Sound Cubes


Last week we had an amazing three days working with classes form Prestbury CE Primary School. The children practiced their creativity, imagination and CDT skills working in groups to produce a collection of amazing ‘ Recycled sound cubes’ to take back to their school. Farmer John constructed hazel stick cube frames and the children worked in teams of six. Using collected objects that we find in nature or normally discard and throw away, they used their skills to assemble a selection of sound producing objects that they then attached to their cubes. Each group completed their mornings work by presenting their cube in an imaginative way to the rest of their class. This was incredible to witness! The originality and inventiveness of each group was inspirational, their cube ‘themes’ included Natural disasters, Nature walk and Stormy beach. Each day we ended by visiting our animals and feeding the chickens – Bob the pygmy goat provided some lively entertainment! And of course there was plenty of time for free play in the Gruff garden.

Thank you to the children, teachers and parents of Prestbury CE Primary School for visiting Gruff Outdoor Learning once again, we look forward to your return visit in a couple of years…enjoy your ‘Sound Cubes’!