New term and we are feeling Autumnal!

After a fantastic summer with our holiday mini farmer sessions being full of new faces and familiar friends we are back this week for the start of a new 8 week term. We love this Autumnal term! This week we headed out into the field and collected some delicious, juicy blackberries. Back in the Gruff shed we had fun squashing the berries with water and making the most gorgeous, rich, deep purple/red liquid. We each dropped in a piece of white cotton fabric and watched as it absorbed the inky liquid and changed colour, a variety of lilac, purple and burgundy squares of fabric were pegged out to dry. In the meantime there was lots to play with in the Gruff garden including our new friendly milking goat and rustic, log tractor. Come and join our Gruff mini farmers sessions, Monday and Wednesday mornings 10-11,30am…our theme is ‘apples’ next week.